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What can I say but rain rain rain. I had a gig scheduled for Parkville Days in which I worked hard for to prepare but because of the rain I was not able to perform. I was really hoping to perform. The good news is that they still want me to play so they are going to see if they can use me here soon. Stay tuned to my website for more details. I believe this is a first for me in where I couldn’t play because of rain. I’ve had to cut gigs short because of rain but never had a cancelled gig.

In my last news letter I wrote an article about making America great. I received many interesting comments about it in which I am thankful for. The point of the article I was trying to make is that great leadership brings out the best in people and bad leadership brings out the worst. When there is a leader that stirs up people to hate verses a leader who encourages us to love and respect each other, it makes a difference in the environment in which we live. You, Me, have to decide on what type of person we want to be. Let me ask, How do you want to be treated ? Well then treat others that way. We can disagree on things but should still always have a love and respect for one another. An interesting fact is that president Lincoln purposely picked people that disagreed with him to be a part of his cabinet. He wanted to hear the other side and wanted to debate the issues . He disagreed but still kept them and appreciated them.

New Music in the works

I received the track from the producer and started to lay down a melody. It’s pretty exciting on how its coming about. I’m liking the groove. I have a lot to do yet but its in the works so stay tuned…


Private Parties..

I am getting booked for private events so if you have any events coming up in where you need entertainment, please let me know.


Be Blessed.

Thanks for your support and please take care and keep the emails coming. Also remember to pray for leaders and our schools.


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