Hello and Happy New Year.

I hope you’re having a great New Year and every day try and make it a great one.

Over the Christmas/New Years, I traveled to see family and friends through Chicago and the St Louis area. The driving was a bit bunch but very rewarding once I got to see family and friends and had a great time laughing, eating and catching up.. We took a day and went downtown Chicago to see a museum. My daughter loves the big city. It has an appeal but I hate driving and commuting in large cities. I did that for many years and got tired of it.

I received many encouraging and very complimentary letters from fans which is very much appreciated. It does encourage me and keeps me doing what I am doing. The music I do is not just about cd sales , gigs ( which is very important) but its more about reaching and touching lives and giving people a lift. When you have a talent, I believe it should be shared and not kept hidden or a secret. In some cases, sharing your talent can be profitable which is great and perfectly OK but don’t lose site of the passion and joy it brings to others.

This time of year gigs tend to be slow but I had ny first Gig with the full band playing for City Union Mission awards banquet. City Union Mission is a Christian organization that provides shelter, food, and many other needs for homeless people. The people all seem to be very joyous and it was a joy to play for their banquet. It’s always great to play when I have the full band.

Working On New Music

With the new year, I would like to record some new songs. I have one song written that is ready to be produced and then the other day I came up with another melody that I am working on. Its exciting and fun. My struggle is  that it costs me a lot of money to get the song recorded and produced and there is not much return value because if the free streaming of music these days. Let me ask you , When was the last time you purchased a cd or a song ?

I may still record one and see. I really want to so help me by praying and see what God does. Thanks for doing so.


Still in the top 10 !!

6 of my songs are in the top 10 instrumental for Missouri at #1 Music with “Come, All Who Are Thirsty” is #1. Thank you for making it #1. Check out the link at : Daves Songs in Top 10 !

Thanks for your support and please take care and keep the emails coming. Also remember to pray for leaders and our schools. If you are affected by the government shutdown, I’m praying for you. I was out of work for a week when the government was shutdown awhile back so I know it can be tough. Its terrible and shouldn’t happen.




Vision: To touch the essence of the inner heart

Mission: To open doors that lead to healing of hardships and
struggles in life

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